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Kiddie Commute Transportation Service

Kiddie Commute understands the pressure of being a working parent is tough. Having to juggle work, school drop offs and pickups are nerve-racking, Kiddie Commute offers the following services to ease the pressure:


AM Transport

Need to get to work early or on time? A certified Kiddie Commute driver will transport your child to school or early morning programs.


PM Transport

Need time for the gym or trying to avoid rush hour traffic? Kiddie Commute can help you get your kids where they need to be.


Weekend Transport

Have multiple kids that all have games or activities at the same time? We'd be happy to help by transporting your children to their games, practices or performances.  



Camps run all year long but parents still have obligations. Kiddie Commute can take your kids to practices, games and summer/day camps.

Why Choose Kiddie Commute

Kiddie Commute is a full service transportation company for kids located in the greater San Diego area. Kiddie Commute is the only comprehensive service that serves the needs of parents and caregivers, offering safety and reliability.

Safety First

Our certified drivers have passed stringent LIVE SCAN background checks, DUI/DMV screens, and drug testing. 

Kiddie Commute knows that your children are your most precious asset. There is nothing that you wouldn't do to protect them. We have taken every measure to ensure the safety of all of our passengers. All Kiddie Commute cars have passed a 19-point safety inspection and (coming soon) will be equipped with live video surveillance, available to parents for view.

Kiddie Commute is safe, reliable and cost effective. 


Listed below are some additional security features in place designed to add to parental peace of mind. Alongside some benefits of joining the Kiddie Commute family.



GPS tracking enables parents to see where there children are located from their mobile device. Live video feed from inside the car allows parents to monitor children and drivers. Custom ID badges allows drivers to know who the parent has authorized the child to be released to. Parents also receive text alerts when their child is picked up and once they are dropped off.


Our dedicated routes allows for the same set of friendly drivers to transport your children daily. Drivers certifications will be visible in car at all times. 


Your child will be excited to ride with Kiddie Commute! All our drivers have easily recognizable window decals on their vehicle. They are bright, colorful, and easy to recognize. 


At Kiddie Commute we are parents too, and have plenty of options to meet any budget. Pay per trip (0-3 miles), or subscribe to our weekly or monthly rates. We offer discounts for siblings and have flexible rates for longer rides.


All our cars have passed 19 point safety inspections. All cars are equipped with booster seats.


Children will enjoy a G rated movie or sing along with children's music while commuting.

What customers are saying...

  • I'm earning more money now that I can work longer shifts
    — Eileen Anthony (Single Mother & Registered Nurse)
  • No more fighting rush hour to pick up the kids
    — Joseph Trudell (Father of 3 & Real Estate Agent)
  • I finally have time to go the gym
    — Steve Paxton (Father, Business Professional & Part Time Cyclist)
  • My kids are enthusiastic to leave for school when the Kiddie Commute car arrives
    — Nicole Baker (CEO & Busy Mother)


We have flexible payment options designed to fit any budget. Contact us for a quote.

Kiiddie Commute Gives Back




1.  Will my child be picked up from home or a pickup location? We are a door to door service. We will pick your child up from home and drop them off and sign them in (if applicable) at school.

2.  What ages do you service? We provide service for grades K-12th grade.

3.  Is my child able to be dropped off at a different location other than my home? Yes. We allow you to provide an alternate drop off location (max 5 miles).

4.  Can I pay in advance for the entire school year? Yes. This option comes with an additional 20% off savings

5.  Will my child be the only one in the vehicle? No. This allows us to keep our cost low. We are an alternative to the school bus service that is in short supply and doesn’t provide door to door service.

6.  Will it be the same driver that will pick up my child daily? Usually yes. We have the same driver normally which gives the parents peace of mind, and allows friendly face recognition for the child and school staff. We do have a backup driver for each route in place for unforeseen occurrences.

7.  What happens if my child is sick or absent? Our service is pre-paid, however we do understand that sometimes emergencies happen. We allow 3 sick day credits in a school year.

8.  Do you have any sibling discounts? Yes. If students are being picked up and dropped off to the same location, for every two students one will be at no cost.

9.  Can we use you for our other transportation needs such as summer camp, concerts, birthday parties, extracurricular activities, and weekend? Yes. We offer service for all your transportation needs. Please inquire about our availability.

10.  Do you have a military discount? Yes we do please inquire about our rates!

11.  How do I reserve my space? Fill out the registration form and agree to the terms. After we receive your registration, one of our friendly customer service agents will contact you to confirm and finalize your registration. Once everything has been finalized you will be sent a link to make your payment via PayPal. Payments are due weekly or monthly. Weekly payments must be made on Friday in advance for the upcoming week. Payments must received by 6pm.

12.  Is there a deposit? We require the first week to reserve your space. After that you must make payments weekly or monthly using PayPal.

13.  Do you have a daily rate? Yes. Our daily rate depends on the distance and time of day needed. We need a 48 hour advance notice to utilize and space availability is on a first come basis. Please call us at 619-254-6500 for a specific quote.

14.  Where will the other kids be at while my Kinder child is walked into school or picked up from class? We make every effort to group riders that go to the same school. However, Kinder students that have to be walked in and received from class will incur an additional $5 per day waiting fee.

15.  What time will my child be picked up? We will provide you with the pickup time 1 week before the session starts. If there are any adjustments to the pickup time you will be notified 48 hours in advance.


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