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1st week

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1st week

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KCommuter Pass (Deposit)

Southbay / Chula Vista / Eastlake

We are pleased to offer you our special Kcommuter pass exclusive to the South Bay area of San Diego! We are providing door to door, roundtrip transportation, to and from school that is at a deeply discounted rate from our normal prices. Schools that we service are limited to the Chula Vista Elementary School District & Sweetwater Union School District.


Hurry and reserve your space now before all the spots are taken!

$60 a week roundtrip with a full session commitment

$50 a week one-way AM or PM with full session commitment

Session I      7/19 - 11/01 15 weeks

Session II     11/02 - 2/15   15 weeks

Session III    2/16 - 6/6   15 weeks, 3 days

Schools must be located within a 0-3 mi radius of the home address. Distances that fall outside that range will incur an additional $1 per mile fee. 

*Please fill out the registration form on a laptop or desktop computer. It will not work correctly from a mobile device.

Round trip or One way:
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1.  Will my child be picked up from home or a pickup location? We are a door to door service. We will pick your child up from home and drop them off and sign them in (if applicable) at school.

2.  What ages do you service? We provide service for grades TK-12th grade.

3.  Is my child able to be dropped off at a different location other than my home? Yes. We allow you to provide an alternate drop off location (max 3 miles).

4.  Can I pay in advance for the entire session? Yes. This option comes with an additional 20% off savings

5.  Will my child be the only one in the vehicle? No. This allows us to keep our cost low. We are an alternative to the school bus service that is in short supply and doesn’t provide door to door service.

6.  Will it be the same driver that will pick up my child daily? Usually yes. We have the same driver normally which gives the parents peace of mind, and allows friendly face recognition for the child and school staff. We do have a backup driver for each route in place for unforeseen occurrences.

7.  What happens if my child is sick or absent? This special package is prepaid and unfortunately no refunds are available. However, we will provide you a credit to use our service outside the normal operating times set aside for the KCommuter Pass.

8.  Do you have any sibling discounts? Yes. If students are being picked up and dropped off to the same location, we can offer a 10% discount

9.  Can we use you for our other transportation needs such as summer camp, concerts, birthday parties, extracurricular activities, and weekend? Yes. We offer service for all your transportation needs. Please inquire about our normal rates.

10.  Do you have a military discount? Not at the time. However, good news, this special pass already has a deep discount!

11.  How do I reserve my space? Order now and fill out the registration form and agree to the terms. After we receive your deposit which applies to your first week, one of our friendly customer service agents will contact you to confirm and finalize your registration. Once everything has been finalized you will be given instructions to return to this page and set up your auto billing account by subscribing below.

12.  Is there a deposit? We require the first week of $60 down, to reserve your space. After that you must subscribe below to set up your reoccurring billing account via PayPal.

13.  Do you have a daily rate? Yes. Our daily rate depends on the distance and time of day needed. We need a 48 hour advance notice to utilize and space availability is on a first come basis. Please call us at 619-254-6500 for a specific quote.

14.  Where will the other kids be at while my TK or Kinder child is walked into school or picked up from class? We make every effort to group riders that go to the same school. TK and kinder that must be walked in to and received from the classroom will occur an additional $5 per day additional charge.

15.  What time will my child be picked up? We will provide you with the pickup time 1 week before the session starts. If there are any adjustments to the pickup time you will be notified 48 hours in advance.


**Please note we have flexible weekly or monthly payment options. Subscription payment service is provided via PayPal** Please pay the deposit first and agree to the terms before setting up your auto billing below.

Auto Billing Session I (0-5 miles)
South Bay Kcommuter Pass (No Trial)