Terms & Conditions

  1. Through this agreement, Kiddie Commute agrees to provide transportation to and/or from the designated locations for the agreed upon dates of service.  Kiddie Commute transportation services shall be provided in accordance with the rules and regulations applicable in San Diego County, State of California.

  2. We will always strive to be on-time, however, pick up/drop off time estimates are +/- 15 minutes of scheduled time(s) and can vary based on traffic flow and weather conditions, and thus are subject to change.  Other contingencies like traffic congestion, accidents along the route and other children being late can also cause delays, which are beyond our control.  Kiddie Commute shall not be held responsible for such delays.  If you have expressed that your route does not allow for 15 min grace period, then you will be automatically upgraded to our premium service after 2 billing cycles. Notice will be given via email. Please view line item 4a.

  3. Due to consideration for all our customers, maximum wait time at each stop is 5-7 minutes, unless additional wait time has been approved.  Please have your child ready and waiting outside for our driver to ensure on-time arrival at your school/activity. If multiple late pick-ups occur due to students not being present at their designated pick up area, pick up time may be altered, or subscription may be affected.

  4. Subscription & Daily trips receive one fixed pickup or drop off time. These packages work for parents who need a fixed pickup time but are flexible with the drop off time. This helps with flexible scheduling of our carpooling service.

    a.) Premium package users will receive both a fixed pickup and drop off time. This will work for parents that need students picked up at a specific time and dropped off to an extracurricular or appointment. This prevents any other students to be on the route, thus needing a private car.

    b.) Premium package subscribers have the option to add on a private driver to remove the possibility of other children being on the route. This option is only available on premium subscribers and accrue an additional $25 per ride charge.

  5. Length of subscriptions- All subscriptions will run for 12 weeks. After which the option to re-subscribe will be given.

    a.)     Early cancellations (prior to 12 weeks) will incur a $50 early cancellation charge.

  6. Date of Auto-billing- Subscription payments will post every Friday. Daily rate users must pay by Thursday at 6 pm  before the week where service is needed.

  7. School closures/holidays- in the event of a pre-scheduled school closure, auto-billing will still occur to hold spaces for subscription students and maintain insurance coverage. This applies to school closures less than 5 days.  For school closures or holidays of 6 days or more auto billing will be paused, however, a holding will be required in order to hold your space. For summer break subscribers will incur a holding fee if they wish to renew for upcoming school year, regardless of time left on subscription. Holding fee varies based on the current number of subscribed members.  

  8. Changes to pick up or drop off: Changes to pick up and drop off times or locations, after schedules have been solidified the Friday prior, will only be made in cases of an emergency. Emergencies include: family health, adult not available at pick up or drop off location, car accidents.

  9. Sick days: Sick days do not apply to subscriptions or daily rate users. If your child will be out more than 5 days, please refer to #7.  Kiddie Commute will do our best to provide reasonable drive times, but our vehicles are transporting several students on each trip.  This means drive times will vary, depending on your location.  All pickup and drop off times are estimates and subject to vary as our schedules changes with new students being added to an existing route.  This does not apply to premium subscribers with the private car add on feature.

  10. Minimum days: must be given 2 weeks prior to the break or schedule adjustment so Kiddie Commute can plan routes accordingly. If adequate notice is not given, then adjustments are not guaranteed, and subscription level may be affected.

  11. Cancellations/Credits- Cancellations must be made the THURSDAY PRIOR to receive a refund for the following week. Please note, auto billing will still occur that Friday, however, refund will be given by close of day Monday.

    a)     Credits will not be given for cancellations given after the Thursday prior due to the guarantee of the space and time for your student. Cancellations that have been given adequate notice (Thursday prior) will be refunded immediately following auto-billing. Auto-billing will then continue at the normal weekly or biweekly amount.

    b)    Any time that your child will not require transportation as scheduled for non-emergency situations, notification must be made to Kiddie Commute offices no less than four (4) hours prior (via email or dispatch) to the scheduled pick-up time to maintain subscription level, no refund will be given in these circumstances.  Parents/Caregiver/Legal guardian may e-mail customercare@kiddiecommute.net or call 619-254-6500 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as we will honor voicemail cancellations.  For each failure to provide this notification the subscription level may be affected and availability of drivers for your route may be limited.

  12. Waiting Fee: Waiting fee will be applied when we have waited at the designated pick up spot for more than 7 minutes and the driver has either got out of the vehicle to search for the child or the parent has requested us to wait at the designated pick up spot for a predetermined amount of time. Waiting fees will incur in 15 min increments. (For example, a 16 min waiting time will incur a $7.50 fee). This fee will be assessed and be invoiced/charged separately. If you would like to opt out of incurring a waiting fee, please email customercare@kiddiecommute.net and provide your child’s name and pick up schedule. Please note, this is giving driver’s authorization to leave the pick-up area if we cannot locate the student within our 7-minute grace period.

  13. Kindergartners: Walking in a kinder is a part of our service, however, if extended waits or length of pick up and drop off time is excessive due to dismissal time, traffic and parking, a waiting fee will be applied in 15 minutes increments at $15/hr.

  14. Peak Time: Peak time surcharge is predetermined upon a quote based on the average traffic patterns of the surrounding area (i.e route requires freeway access southbound at 3:30 pm).

  15. Road Closures/unplanned traffic: In the rare event of a road closure or extreme traffic, which causes a driver to take an alternative longer route for that particular day, this time will be passed on to the parent via separate invoice at the rate of $15/hr. Time will accrue in 15 min increments.

  16. OOA Driver (Out of Area):

    a) If no available driver is in your neighborhood due to distance, Kiddie Commute will dispatch an out of area driver to accommodate your route. If this occurs 3 times consecutively, a parent may be upgraded to premium.

    b) Parents may be upgraded to premium upon initial registration due to a number of factors including but not limited to (i.e. distance, driver availability, school traffic and special accommodations a child may need).

  17. All services are prepaid and nonrefundable unless refunds are issued for the reasons listed above in #7 & 10.

  18. If for some reason, Kiddie Commute fails to pick up your child due to an unplanned event or emergency, you will be refunded with that absence on your next statement.  If we are unable to continue to provide transportation for any reason, you will receive notice 10 business days prior to any change being implemented. 

  19. Communication: Parents must ensure they have a valid and working phone number on file or an emergency contact that can be reached at any time. If failure to contact a parent or emergency contact occurs and school of origin is closed, we will have to contact proper authorities and/or leave the child with authorities.

  20. Seat belts or booster seats are required for all passengers in Kiddie Commute vehicles.  Kiddie Commute reserves the right to terminate transportation for any child that does not cooperate with the use of seat belts or booster seats. 

  21. Kiddie Commute reserves the right to cancel this agreement without notice at any time due to disciplinary problems with a child while riding in our vehicles. 

  22. Kiddie Commute is not liable for the health, safety, or welfare of your child once your child is dropped at the agreed upon destination. 

  23. Any damage to our property caused by a rider is the responsibility of the Parent/ Guardian. 

  24. Taxes/end of the year statements: Kiddie Commute advises that you consult a tax professional to ensure that our service qualifies under the child tax credit. Our tax ID is 81-5000663. If you wish to obtain an end of the year statement, please contact us customercare@kiddiecommute.net.  Please allow 7 business days for processing.