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VIP Rates

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VIP Rates

from 6.00

Thank you for choosing Kiddie Commute! Please select the rates that fit your needs and fill out the registration form. Each item is for a one way ride. Make sure to select the number you need for your whole camp or class.

For example for a 5 day class you would select 10 in the quantity. Miles are calculated from the pick-up location. If you are located more than 12 miles from the destination please call us so we can invoice you directly. 

Also, if your trip has any decimals over in the mileage please round up to the next rate. (Ex. 3.3 miles choose 0-4.5 miles)


$6.00 = 0-3 miles

$7.50 = 0-4.5 miles

$9.00 = 0-6 miles

$10.50 = 0-7.5 miles

$12.00 = 0-9 miles

$13.50 = 0-10.5

$15.00 = 0-12 miles

Please give us a call if you have any questions.

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